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My amazing discovery to have a bigger and harder cock ...

Article published by Sean 's XXX on at 17h33

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If you are one of my followers, then you know me for my ease with women and in everything related to sex. Subject that I practice and tackle in a direct and straightforward way. But for those who have known me for a really long time, I have occasionally mentioned details about my previous life. Because contrary to what one may think, before it was very different ... I will tell you about the day I went from a loser's life to a fucking winner's life! Life I intend to enjoy until the last of my days!

And for that, I have to go back to the right beginning... for you to understand who I was before and how I became who I am.
I was 34, and always jerked off whenever I could. I had then only rare experiences with girls and these often ended by either me going soft and not being able to continue. Or the chick just pulled herself away saying that she didn't want to or that it was too premature in our relationship or even that she had a boyfriend... In short terms, I was not doing well at all on this specific subject. I actually had a pitiful sex life for a very very very long time. Yes you can say it: a real shitty life!

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Looking back, I think the size of my cock had a lot to do with it. I had a really small one. But the worst was that I couldn't even get a hard erection and whatever I could get only lasted 5 minutes at the most. Even when I jerked off on my own, I managed to come with great difficulties, and I was ejaculating only little quantity of sperm. It got frustrating and more and more complicated with women. Frankly, you have to imagine the shame I could feel when having to find myself naked in front of a bitch that I wanted to fuck, and to see her walking out when she found out what my cock looked like ...

Like many guys, my sex life then was reduced to daily hand-jobs in front of porn movies ...

But there also, it was not that good. Always difficult to get it hard, even when really excited by a porn scene. My orgasms were always super short with little sperm or hardly anything coming out. And yet, watching these guys in the movies with horse cocks, screwing chicks to end up unloading massively on their face or in their ass, could really upset me ... Why can’t I do that ?!

It’s really by total chance that everything changed. An unexpected encounter with an amazing product that totally changed my life and made me who I am today.

All of this happened while at work. I was listening to a radio talk when they did a topic on men's pills. They compared a few products including the VirilBlue . They were going on about the formula being developed by a really serious lab and that it was made of natural products. I had already tried some other products, but they gave me terrible migraines and other discomforts. And they are fucking expensive too!

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At the time, I did not really listen carefully, but it was later, when seeing an ad on the Internet I recalled the talk show on the radio and then decided to order. The product was delivered quickly, in a discreet package . Upon opening, I really appreciated the neet packaging. The pills are in individual blisters to guarantee perfect hygiene and allow optimal storage. We are not talking about a doggy product sold in some weird plastic like we can get with products ordered on the internet.

Okay, you're going to tell me, we don't give a damn about the packaging ... The question you are asking yourself right now is " did it work? ". And there... total surprise.... A real revelation. Indeed, very quickly, by taking 1 or 2 pills a day (yup I know... the recommendation was to not exceed one a day but I was in a kind of hurry). I quickly had the feeling of regaining energy. Energy that I had lost for a long time. Maybe even the feeling of being in a positive state that I had probably never known before. Finally, I felt good in my body and good in my head! One lonely evening, I went to my favourite porn site, chose a hot video and got comfortable. Quickly I felt my cock was getting stiff and shortly ready to pop out as I opened my pants. There I discovered my cock as I had never seen it before one would have thought that was a porn actor’s cock... But no, it was my cock hard as hell and best of all in erection for far longer.

I started to jerk off, admiring my new cock and after a while, unloaded. The stream of cum that came out of my cock spread over to my keyboard and my computer screen. You're going to tell me, Man you’re gross, I should watch out!!! And you're right... But for my defence, it's something that had never happened to me! Squirting with so much power and quantity that it actually goes everywhere, that was the first for me ... And you know what? This episode although a little disgusting, was really cool. I felt good and probably for the first time I felt like a man!!!

I could feel confidence building in me within the following days. With this new confidence, I started to flirt with the girls I liked. I did not yet have this blog, but already, I wrote down my observations regarding contact with the opposite sex. The first girl I managed to put in my bed is paradoxically the one that seemed to me the hardest to get. A posh London girl, really hot and sexy, but could also come across being very cold. Frankly, I don't think any guy could resist her if she started flirting.

🍆🍆💦 My crazy cock 🍆🍆💦

She worked in the office opposite and we kind of met every day. So one day, I decided to invite her out. Played the full game and when the evening was coming to an end, so I invited her for a last drink at my place... Once at home, I found myself with my cock getting stiff. I think she saw it and focused on it before falling to the floor to give me a crazy blowjob for at least 30 minutes. Then turned around and asked me to fuck her doggy style She was horny and I think my cock was doing more than a good job. I made her scream of pleasure for at least another 30 minutes before skirting her ass with all my cum.

I often call this chick for a suck or a fuck and each time she's really keen to come and get big time fucked. So I presume she is totally crazy about my cock...
I am now 39 years old so for the last 5 years I have been taking VirilBlue every day. I have set up this blog to tell you about my sexual adventures, give you hints and tips on seduction methods, and get you to be a serial fucker like me. If you are in the same situation as me a few years ago, now you know you can do something about it!! That all is not lost.


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Feedbacks 25
Daniel G.

Thanks for your honesty man! Been feeling a little low recently.... so I might just try it also

Sofia D.

I’m not a super fan of your posts but at least you are honest in your at least you are honest in your.

Roger M.

Mine is also far from being hard, I will try it and hopefully it will work for me too...

Shelly B.

My guy takes them since a while and believe me I can feel the difference!!!!

Marc O.

Stressful job, stressful life... Virilblue allows me to stay fit and helps me get a hard one each time I want.

John T.

Check this out!!!!! Geeeeee!!!! Who’s the small dick now?!

Michael B.

I'm an unstable, versatile and prone to depression person and on top of that I have trouble getting a hard on. I'm definitely going to try.

Joshua C.

I had seen this product during a trip to Portugal. I had brought some back with me to try... They are all crazy about it down there! Went through the box and really enjoyed the effects with my girlfriend... I'm happy to know that we can get it here too! I will definitely buy a box... My girlfriend should appreciate :-)

Alex B.

It is a product that everyone should know. Don't believe that the porn industry doesn’t use this kind of supplement. Nothing natural with size of their cocks, and never mind about having a hard on for so long.... The truth is, porn industry uses products like Virilblue to get actors to have a hard erection, hold longer, and release more sperm to the camera.

Alex W.

Followed your advice and look what I woke up to this morning.... :-P

Thomas L.

My girlfriend got it for me ... At first, I took it really badly but finally why not give it a try? Now each time, I have a hard on like a bull and I hold it out for a long time when we make love. Finally, I am super happy with her approach and I thank her for it by making her come several times each time we fuck!

Jim K.

Thanks Dud!!! Not easy to make this kind of confession. And since there is a working solution, you are right, no man should be left in this situation!

Nathalie M.

I have a guy like that who has a soft dick and has a tendency to ejaculate prematurely... It’s a good thing i really like him because frankly, in bed it’s no fun at all... Having sex with him is a total nightmare! You have no idea... Sometimes he's inside me and I haven't even noticed he's already there ... I just notice him when he's emptying his balls.. and I haven't even started yet ... I'm going to order VirilBlue from him, and hope it works because if not, either I take a lover either I leave him!

Walter E.

Hey Sean, I use it too! And I confirm that it's true!!!! Since I started taking it, I feel in great shape, I have confidence in myself and the women I am dating feel’s it. I have never had so much success with women as since taking VirilBlue. And once in bed, like you, I can say that those bitches love it ... I more than agree that when the cock is big and hard, it changes absolutely everything!

Kevin J.

Since I have been taking VirilBlue, I like to pretend I’m a real porn actor. Check out this pic of my girl’s face after an amazing facial lol

Ed I.

Sean !!!! I am just fan of what you do!!!! Thank you

Eric H.

My wife hasn't been the same since I started taking VirilBlue ... Frankly, she's become crazy about sex. She’s always asking for more and keeps asking for more ... I'm super satisfied. Get laid very often, we have rediscovered the pleasure of sex together and it's really great!

Denis G.

I bought some a few weeks ago and I see the same thing as you. I am very happy. I feel great and now my cock is much harder and longer in erection. I make love better and more often.

Scott I.

I also have a bigger cock of easily 5cm since I take VirilBlue. But the craziest thing is the quality of my orgasms. I come a lot harder and a last a lot longer, with fat amounts of cum coming out of my penis. I like to swing it on my girlfriend's breasts, ass and sometimes on her face ... I think that when it comes to swallowing it, there is too far to much cum now!

Ashley S.

Thank you for your tip Sean, I just passed the order. I sincerely hope that my man is not going to be mad at me, but I want him to fuck me with a harder cock and above all, that it lasts longer to have time to get my orgasm too !

Tim O.

I just ordered some, it sounds interesting! I am impatient to receive my box. I'll come back and tell you what it does to me.

Lucie H.

My husband’s dick is like a bull’s since he’s on VirilBlue ... Sometimes I have to take a break he fucks me so hard, but I must admit that it’s a good feeling and I really like it!!!

Richard M.

Hello everyone, I confirm what Sean is saying. I've been taking it for about two good years now. My orgasms have been incredibly intense since and I got back in shape, thanks to VirilBlue. As for my partner, I have changed in the meantime, but whether it is the previous one or the current one, I can attest the fact that they are crazy about my cock. I think I got easily a +7cm, if not 8cm when I'm really horny or haven't fucked for 2 days. Like Sean I clearly recommend it to all my friends ...

Zoe M.

I would say my boyfriend had an average cock ... But with VirilBlue, when he penetrates me, I really feel his cock doing me in. It hits the end of my vagina and that's all I enjoy. I am not a clitoral girl like most women, I need a good cock that fucks me proper to cum. Now I come systematically and several times during each session. My darling is happy and so am I.

Patrick B.

I received my order this morning, look at the package and it's really super discreet. You wouldn’t guess what it is for until you open it. I was afraid to be ashamed with the postman. I will try it right away and follow the usage instructions. I will get back to you to testify what it does to me. Anyway, I'm super excited and can't wait to enjoy the results!